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By adding your name to a one-of-a-kind lash business, your brand will increase in recognition, and stand out from competitors.


Through our private label and wholesale program, you will be given access to hundreds of lash styles and lash types. Her Vanite’ team of experts are here to help guide you through the creation of your own custom lash line. You are in control of the process from start to finish…because who can better tell the story of your brand than you?


What sets Her Vanite’ apart from other brands is our quality of product.  Her Vanite’ lashes are known for the exceptional catalog of options that offer various lash strip styles to choose from ranging in volume density and length.Our mink strip lashes are exquisitely handcrafted and cruelty free. They are lightweight, soft, plush, and comfortable


We offer two ways to make your brand pop:


Personalization – Take our product and add your personalized touch. It’s that easy. This is our quickest way to add some uniqueness to your brand. Personalization is creating a custom lash name & label for your unique lash collection. Personalization orders can typically be fulfilled within one week with the exception of the shipping process. This is the most popular wholesale option. 


Customization – This is the true way to have a product that is uniquely yours. Every part of the creation experience can be designed for your brand. We will work with you to customize your favorite lash styles to create your lash collection, design your logo, labels, and product packaging. Customization orders can typically be designed and put into production within 2-3 weeks.


For more information and to get started on your custom lash line, email


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