Her Vanité is an online shoppe that offers premier, handcrafted mink strip lashes!


Her Vanité offers various lash strip styles to choose from ranging in volume density and length. Our Mink Strip lashes are exquisitely handcrafted and cruelty free.They are lightweight, soft, plush, and comfortable. A must have makeup accessory for captivating eyes. Depending on your preference, some styles are more suitable based on the desired look.

We are committed to providing both the consumer and beauty professionals with the highest quality products and eyelash resources. All of our customers are handled with the utmost care to ensure that your shopping experience is a quick and pleasant one. We strive to become the best and leading eyelash brand around the globe. Thank you for shopping with Her Vanité.


Meet the Owner & Creator of HV

I am Dalonda, the owner and creator of Her Vanité. I am an ambitious, young woman that values the time and effort it takes to enhance your beauty to perfection. My love for the beauty industry in general, started at a very young age. But my obsession with lashes has always stood out by far.  At age seventeen, I would host lash parties to gather groups of women and apply eyelashes as a service. I established a clientele of like-minded women who loved wearing eyelashes and started a mobile lash business. As the eyelash style and trend evolved over the years, I kept myself abreast of the latest eyelash trend. I was always appeased by the idea of changing your look within minutes, just by applying eyelashes. Her Vanité mink collection lashes offer just that; a variety of style when it comes to your lash preferences and eye shapes. Each style was named after the most significant women in my life.  These women have stood by me and always supported my movement. I hope that you enjoy Her Vanite’ lashes as much I do. Thank you for shopping with Her Vanité.

"Quality IS QUEEN"

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