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What is Her Vanité?

 Her Vanité is a business of beauty enhancements. We specialize in luxury lash and brow services, such as: permanent makeup, brow tinting, brow waxing, and individual lash clusters. Her Vanité has a premier lash collection of mink and magnetic strips along with a product line of lash/brow essentials. Training is offered for inspiring beauty professionals as well as wholesale options if you’re interested in starting a lash line.


We are committed to providing both the consumer and beauty professionals with the highest quality products and beauty services. All of our customers are handled with the utmost care to ensure that your experience is a pleasant one. Her Vanité is located in Carmel, IN. It’s our responsibility to cultivate a place that promotes self love and confidence. A professional experience and quality services will always be our priority. Services are available by appointment only.

Meet the Owner & Creator of Her Vanité 

I am Dalonda, the owner and creator of Her Vanité. I am an ambitious, young woman that values the time and effort it takes to enhance your beauty to perfection.
The fear of failure can literally hold you back from your own destiny.
I’ve sat on my talent for so long. I constantly went back and forth with myself about my business plan for Her Vanité. I’ve even contemplated if I would be strong enough to exist in the cut throat beauty industry. But then.... I remembered who I am.
I have nearly 15 years or more of experience in the beauty industry. I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I LOVE a good time and great conversations with like-minded individuals. But my ultimate passion is to serve! I am a true servant at heart. I genuinely enjoy impacting people, especially women.
I won’t promote “expertise” if that’s not what I can provide, but please know that I am double certified in almost all of my services offered. I am not aiming for titles but I do plan to build an empire and build friendships with many of you.
I would urge all of you to check out my services and take a chance with me. I’m both excited and beyond thankful that God has given me a space to be more creative in my gift and share all of my skill sets with so many of you guys. I’m so ecstatic for this new venture!

HER VANITÉ NO LONGER JUST SELLS MINK STRIPS, it’s a service based business.

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